We offer professionally guided kayaking tours throughout the Menai Bay Conservation Area, Menai Bay islands, and Jozani Forest. Experience mangrove forests dense with wild birds and monkeys, uninhabited tropical islands with white sand beaches, dolphins, and turtles. We arrange tailor made trips to suit your needs and include airport or hotel pick-up and drop-off. Your comfort and safety is guaranteed. We ensure the tour you embark on works seamlessly – including the timing of the trip according to the tides and currents. Our kayaks, paddles, and life vests are top quality. The kayaks are specially designed touring boats made of fiberglass by PaddleYak Kayaks in Cape Town, South Africa.

Menai Bay Conservation area is not only perfect for the marine life it supports, but also due to its location on the west coast of the island, where it experiences less wind. It is a Kayaker’s playground and more. We are closely connected with the community, so your kayaking experience in Zanzibar will be as authentic as it gets, away from the tourist radar. We provide glamping style accommodation, where you will be comfortable, but still feel you are in the wild.