Our advice:

Swim wear, towel and water resistant shoes

Hat and sunscreen

Bring Water resistant bag for cameras and other valuables

Suitable for all ages and fitness level, not accessible for wheelchairs

Drive to Kizimkazi on Zanzibar’s south coast for half day. Kizimkazi is home to bottle-nosed and spinner dolphin’s, beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish. On arrival, you are given a short safety briefing and the dos and don’ts when faced with these wild animals. Then you board a traditional ocean going dhow and set sail on the Indian ocean in search of dolphins. Once the dolphins are spotted you can get as close as 10 to 20 metres away from the dolphins. Sleek and grey they jack knife through the water, sometimes showing off with jumps and twists. However, the dolphins aren’t tame and can be shy and elusive. Although visitors see dolphins on the majority of outings, there are no guarantees. Whether you are fortunate enough to see dolphins or not you can enjoy two hours sailing and taking in the sights of the ocean. There is a superb snorkeling in the pristine coral reef and swimming in the clear warm water of the Indian ocean. You will return to the beach for lunch where you can swim in the shallower waters and talk to the crew who can tell you see stories about the one that got away.